Midnight Hour

The sky falls all around you now

It’s a slow dance through Chicago 

Now we're skippin’ town 

With our ears pressed so firmly to the ground

We took off, searching for meaning in some nowhere Midwest towns

Go on sweet darlin'

Be the petals that fall

Keep singing those old sad songs

Just like we've always done

In that midnight hour

I swear I watched your voice carry off into the breeze

As we stumbled out 

Into those New York City streets

The sky falls all around us now

Took the subway to some borough away from the crowds 

watching the smoke of all the words you say

As the drags of amber light your face

We could catch our death out here but the view is worth the pain

Our boots hanging from the fire escape 

Just letting the whole world slip away 

In that midnight hour 

We swore the open sky was all we need

As we stumbled out into those cold Brooklyn streets

Morning falls all around us now

We’re daydreaming in some Rocky Mountain town

You knew I'm insane but still you stuck around

I guess we're still searching for meaning not sure this is where it's found

Now the clouds hang rusted

Over the brush stroked hills

We watched the fires set to the fields

As the sun 

she burrows deep 

into the ground