Singing of the Rails

I first saw you under lightning

Out towards those cliffs and looking bare

With the sunrise in your eyes

As storm winds lift your dress up and back

A canopy of colors 

Laying down upon the tracks

I always knew what you wanted

It just gets so buried in the bloom

We don’t need all this wandering

Lost in the singing of the rails

But as the lights draw nearer

It gets so hard to tell

I want to feel you breathing

Fresh morning air over the pines

I want to wake in your colors

Feel you bleeding into mine

My pale light

It’s only you

We should get lost in the garden

We should go out running in the rain

We should undress by the river

Wash away all this pain

I should’ve kissed you darlin’

When we were swimming in the rain

Soft hands sooth one another

As we both drift away

My pale light

It’s only you

Lace in the light

Oh I’m lost in your eyes

Through the fading of light

Where it’s so hard to hide

And this grace isn’t mine

She’s just dragging me around

Through the waters 


Where it’s so hard to hide

No, I don’t mind

It’s only you