Stealing horses

“Where have you been? 

Child, don’t make me drag you back in

All those police lights

They’re dancin just for you

You can’t keep hiding your pain 

And runnin away

Stealin those horses 

ridin off into the dark”

Cryin out into an empty desert sky

Radio’s low

Rattle of that horse trailer swallows it whole

As you watch the turn signals

glowing in his eyes

You still taste the mud and the rain

Feel that burn in your veins 

As he’s hummin somethin about nicotine and tar

Cryin out into an empty desert sky

“Your more than some runaway 

This town and it’s slow decay

Someday you’ll get away

Just not today”

“Stop pullin at the cracks in the seats”

That old leather turned hard as concrete 

This truck smells of hard work, oil and defeat

You’re back on those roads that you know

This town never grows

Head on the window

So you could feel the road

Cryin out into an empty desert sky

He took that last corner real slow

Said “child there’s still so much you don’t know” 

Felt like holdin fire

Tryin to look him in the eye

Car door slams as the screen door flies

You’re mama’s sobbing rushes out in the night

You swear she never 

Naw she’s never held you so tight 

You both cry out into and empty desert sky